10x engineer

Nikola Mandic
1 min readJul 13, 2019

I open twitter and there is 10x everything. To try to attach my blog on the trend I’ll write something too :-D .

Here is some words I stole from a book and paraphrased. We are all different. Some are prettier than the others, some play Starcraft better, some play chess better, some win games of chance more than others, some have bigger biceps, some are poor or smarter than others, but we all come with a free will to pick things for which we are bad or good. We are in this world to pick or to trade, today we might have small biceps but tomorrow that can change or other way around. We are responsible for management of our muscle mass and once time comes that we die, we will for sure want that we managed it properly no matter if we lost or gained.

Look how in Starcraft teams or in some other social structure often no matter the difference people work to mutual benefit of each other as truly free citizens that pick better, while in some places societies degenerate solely due to bad orientation of its individuals.

Food for thought…