JavaScript/TypeScript productivity

Nikola Mandic
2 min readJan 11, 2020

Once we develop apps usually we pick a framework and set of tools. Like the one below. We have usually Lodash inside and bunch of other things.

One of things that stand out after prolonged usage is that some of these are used more than the others. Some make you more productive while some are standard brushes or similar. I keep feeling that for example rxjs and lodash are these hard to replace tools now. We saw reactive programming before rxjs with older projects like baconjs. Few people used it back then to drive whole application forward. Now with omnipresence of reactive and functional components in various platforms it becoming harder to ignore these power tools. They give quite a good productivity. There seems to be competition in each area when it comes to these tools but one keeps thinking. Lodash/underscore have been there for a while. When trying to swap them will the project survive? Can we really switch? It seems that these power tools like lodash and rxjs and ideas like redux are well worth it and it seems for something to upset them one would not just need to outdo them but to have some sustainability behind for the long run. Because competition in this space is tough. New things emerge fast, there are many people developing, without strong backing from corporations like in rxjs case it seems besides being better library one needs some time for them to overtake one another, at least thats my impression.

While redux/react has its power condensed in form of react boilerplate that is quite good tool for good productivity, it seems angular given experience of its developers and being dog fed at Google with power tools like rxjs can indeed be a gun that can rival react boilerplate.