JavaScript’s success

Nikola Mandic
1 min readAug 8, 2019

JavaScript is progressing to be king of the hill among programming languages. Before it was frowned upon by people and underdog of programming languages it grew omnipresent and evolved to dominate.

One of the reasons I’d argue is most contributing to JavaScript becoming so popular is the ease with which one can iterate and make progress.

This might look as some reason that is like side observation but honestly when I look at some problem and I’ve programmed for some time now one of immediate things that pop to mind is just how easy and quick things can happen with JavaScript and how quickly can prototyping go as compared to all other alternatives. Not to say other alternatives are bad or something this is not about framing conversation JavaScript vs rest because every language is a tool in its own and it is not that good to pick one tool over the other. Point I’m hoping to make is that facilities that JavaScript provides lower the effort needed to get things out of the way. Modern practice makes JavaScript production ready and potent for many years now.

This is what I’d say is the key at least from my perspective. The fact I can open browser and get something out of the way and have quick iteration time is just far more attractive than having to spend more of the time. When you know that you can productionize this effort latter on in solid way like industry standard way that just makes JavaScript sell itself.