typescript vs javascript

Nikola Mandic
1 min readOct 23, 2019

JavaScript is today very dominant language. It is everywhere and its going bigger. One could see its popularity grow and compete and overpower more traditional languages like Java. Ecosystem grew and grew more mature.

TypeScript came as advertising to solve problem of large codebases by improving productivity in such environments by adding type system. The promise of TypeScript is to have JavaScript while giving user more instruments to deal easier with problems in setups that are encountered in large codebases that have multiple teams collaborating and interfacing. It is great at that. It was made for this and does what it says.

So will TypeScript push out JavaScript? Most prob it will in the chunk of market it targets. It is solid competitor in its niche but JavaScript serves wider audience. Given all development tasks one faces it is hard that TypeScript designed to solve specific problem will now start taking share where it is not meant to compete.

JavaScript is hardly matched when it comes to quick prototyping due to its omnipresence and prototyping nature. That is for example stark contrast to TypeScript.

They are two tools one can bust out at opportune moments. I don’t see them going away both.