What I wish people thought in university?

Nikola Mandic
2 min readJul 26, 2020

Usually European schools offer decent education. Although it is not top of the food chain Stanford or what not American it is not bad. Like food at mensa. I mean we need to be honest, can’t be grumpy about it and ungrateful.

What in general pan European school system lacks is like one course on business. Some type of product manage type of thing. Many people spend time doing tech. They get technically fluent. There is no issue there. Issue then comes how come thats it.

I feel people need some type of business manage type of things to get it going. Many students from the European talent pool lack these essential things once it comes to moving things forward. It might be one would go a long way economy wise if one would to nudge students a bit with one semester product course. Or two semesters. Even for tech people that crank out more math than the others. Like one or two wont hurt them. The nations are expecting the milk from tech industry but so far they’ve ended up paying for foreign goods and services. It’s like can’t you something. It feels to me to 20 something year old in some parts of Europe this would go a long way given how things are and how they were.

A small concrete change oriented towards upping the standard.